Branch Fundraisers are planned by a committee composed of volunteers from the branch who are interested in raising funds that can be used for donations to charitable, educational, and other such concerns. Over the past several years, the funds raised have included support of local scholarships for female high school seniors, and the various AAUW Funds— the National’s fellowship and grants funds, the Legal Advocacy Fund, the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders, Campus Action Projects, research, and all the other programs that help advance equity for women and girls.

For each fiscal year (July through June) the Committee plans and works on activities that will raise funds to support such donations. In the past the Committee has hosted fundraisers such as: antique appraisals, children’s theater, piano concerts, flea markets and craft fairs, nut sales, raffles, theater outings, raffles, etc.

The group always welcomes fresh ideas and input from its members. Any member interested in participating should contact the current chairperson or a member of the Branch management team.

For information on branch fundraising activities, contact us.