Unbroken Reeds: Eastern Shore Women and the American Revolution

Saturday, November 2, 3pm

David Library of the American Revolution
Feinstone Conference Center
1201 River Road (Rt. 32), Washington Crossing, PA

Join other AAUW Makefield members and friends to learn more about women’s role in the American revolution. To reserve a spot, contact communications@aauwmakefield.org.

For women on the remotest parts of the Delmarva Peninsula, the American Revolution presented itself on land and sea, in church and town square, and in the divided loyalties of pervasively tied families. Virginia’s Margaret Cropper, Maryland’s Arianna Margaretta Chalmers, and so many others in this “peculiar” Tidewater landscape redefined themselves with the emerging new nation. Whether idealized, ostracized, benefitted, bankrupted, or even “banished” by the decisions of others, Eastern Shore women, then as now, displayed a fierce independence of their own. Retired National Archives Regional Director Kellee Green Blake will tell stories of remarkable women– some of them Patriots, some Loyalists.